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Jessica is a delight that will lighten and liven up the studio at a moment’s notice. From her infectious laugh, dance moves, mime techniques, and addiction to coffee (caffeine—that explains everything!), she is a jovial addition to the team. Jessica is a go-getter and fast learner with a willingness to understand and take on challenging tasks from fruition to finish. We often feel that Jessica is competing to answer the phone first. Why, we don’t know, but she’s winning. Jessica’s interest in design started as a girl with a cardboard box representation of a room arranged with rugs and cabinetry. From that moment, she has honed her focus to making healthy and honest environments. It wasn’t a direct path as she started her degree in graphic design then switched gears and graduated with an Interior Design degree with a minor in Architecture from Texas Tech. We know she is creative and with her engineer husband, they run their own business, remodel their new home and spend time with their two children. Busy, busy, busy! Born in California, raised in New Mexico and now living in Lubbock, we don’t want her to blow away with the eastern wind anytime soon.


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