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Kendra is a loyal and well-read individual with varied interests from Agriculture to Law. True Texan through and through with a love of books, business and community that cultivate people to into the wonderful people they are becoming. She can sometimes be stubborn, but kind as an analytical person can be always inspecting the angles and perspectives of others with care. This is why she calls Lubbock home even after being a mere transplant from Central Texas. With a love of Texas Tech and the glorious sunsets there is no place she would rather be. (Well maybe at the Law watching the Red Raiders play baseball on a sunny spring day.) Sports are the main way she recharges; either helping others develop a love of volleyball and softball by enforcing the rules or simply watching with friends. From examples in literature that exude qualities to aspire to Kendra is determined that we all have something unique to display to the world. Starting with a smile and conversation leading to the desires of your heart, traveling with people down different tracks makes life worthwhile.




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