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 Lupe is a sweet, small town girl (livin’ in a lonely world)—oh, wait, that doesn’t fit. She will never be in a lonely world with her desire to surround herself with a supportive team to bounce ideas off of. Goodness, are we thankful for that because she has so many good ideas. Her technical expertise paired with a positive mentality works in our favor as she directs both into getting things done efficiently. Lupe has a competitive streak that must come from years of playing sports. That competitiveness continues to show up every day by setting goals to annihilate. Attending Texas Tech was one of those goals where she earned a degree in Interior Design then returned for a Masters Degree in Environmental Design while being a TA, RA and GPTI. Lots of abbreviations that portray her awesomeness! She found those days at Texas Tech were among the best decisions ever because of all the open doors that led her here. This must be where her love of Texas Tech comes from after all; Lupe and her husband have a couple of dogs in their pack of pets named Raider and Power. Dancing, golfing, and spending time with family and friends are a few things that she enjoys outside of the studio.


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