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“Row your boat.”

Niu (pronounced “new”) moved to Lubbock from China to earn her Master’s degree in interior and environmental design at TTU.  We are so happy she did!  Niu exhibits her passion for design by creating spaces that maximize efficiency and sustainability.  She’s also incredibly talented in the rendering department.  Being an avid fan and practitioner of feng shui makes Niu a particularly valuable team member at Studio West.  For years we’ve integrated feng shui techniques within our interiors (even if our clients didn’t always know that); it’s kind of amazing to have someone on board claiming birthright to the country from whence it all derives.  Niu is an ideal character playing a major role at Studio West.  We thought so even before we discovered her thespian roots go back to high school.  Can she be overly dramatic?  Probably.  Are we good with that?  Certainly.  Niu jumped in ready to show off her design ability—and agility—and shortly after joining the crew, has her hands on multiple projects. Though she seems quiet (at first), Niu is actually quick with a joke to get the whole team rolling.  During a recent photo shoot we found her performing improvisational comedy; we were impressed.  When not at the studio, Niu craves reading, music, kayaking and snow skiing.  Oh, wait!  Isn’t she always at the studio?

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