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Brittany Web

"Go for it!"

Brittany exudes a determination that shows clearly in her quiet attention to detail and through her impassioned creativity. As the daughter of a pastor, Brittany lived many places in Florida and Texas, growing to adore the vast ocean and deep southern charm. It may not be coincidental, then, that Brittany reflects both in her own personal diversity. When the time came to choose, Brittany elected to become a University of Florida Gator just like her daddy. Following graduation, Brittany and her husband, Trip, moved to Lubbock so he could take a key position in his family's business. Once here (and much to her surprise!), Brittany discovered us and, when she did, found a place to practice the craft she loves with a tribe that embraces her unique qualities and quirks. Brittany is methodical, compassionate and very determined in her efforts to push creative boundaries and deliver the best for our clients. When not designing, she enjoys playing with her two dogs (Millie and Cleo), thrifting for unique vintage finds, spending time with her family, and watching movies with her handsome hubby. We know Brittany misses the sandy beaches of her Florida home, so we remind her there will be plenty of sand come springtime in West Texas. Life is good!

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