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Michelle web

“Think different.”

My/our Michelle: She's a superwoman with an inspiring level of awesome apparently built into her DNA. While she may not wear a cape, we suspect she would if we'd only ask. It seems she can do about anything and, for us, that's her sweet pocket. Michelle's diverse background makes her a suitable catchall for tasks both ordinary and complex. While she's a natural at spreading the gospel that is Studio West, it's her deep and genuine interest in others that let us know she'd find a home here. She knows insurance, numbers crunching and grant-writing, and spent time as a business owner. All this occurred while Michelle was raising a family and making time to give back. (She's still doing both.) At home Michelle is her own version of Betty Crocker, Chef Ramsay and green thumb wannabe. She's mom to three daughters and happily married to the love of her life. Michelle is affectionately referred to by her hubby as double clicky. We think we now understand the nickname, as we daily witness her insane ability to research, write, collate, create and generally assimilate at supersonic speed. A true out-of-the-box thinker, Michelle is actively helping us reach new—and meaningful—milestones.


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