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“This TOTALLY ROCKS, people!!”

About the Topdog handle: It actually has more to do with the “dog” part than with any need to be “on top,” “at the top” or “topping off” a drink at the local pub. Melissa loves dogs, plain and simple. Melissa is our (usually) fearless leader. We consider her a little over-the-top, somewhat crazy (as seems appropriate for our leader) and cunning all at once. Her keen use of the English language can be irritating, and is easily summed up by her overuse of the word “yummy” as noun, verb, adjective or adverb. We have spelling bees around here; go figure. (Hey, she may be an annoying wordsmith, but she’s our wordsmith.) In addition to this nearly obsolete skill, Melissa is our scout, sage and simply put, reason for being. She loves relationships, and works really hard at not running off clients. Melissa is a space planning genius and guru of culture development. She inspires, coaches and annoys us, sometimes in equal measure. If you can get past her overuse of the words “celebrate” and “fabuloso,” she’s actually quite brilliant.

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